Support Nissan Workers

The community is standing up in support of Nissan workers in Canton, Miss., who want to decide for themselves whether to join a union. Leaders in Mississippi recently created the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan to formalize their support for Nissan workers. The Alliance opposes Nissan’s anti-union campaign and supports Nissan workers in their pursuit of a voice in the workplace. It also intends to ensure that Nissan workers are given a fair process and a fair election to choose whether to have a union.

The Alliance believes that if Nissan management addresses workers, individually or in groups, on the issue of unionization, then the Nissan Workers Fair Election Committee must be afforded equal time and access to address Nissan workers. Alliance members include: Dr. Isiac Jackson, Jr. (chair), Tyson Jackson, Rims Barber, Rev. Reginald Buckley, Rev. C.J. Rhodes, Derrick Johnson, Senator Kenny Wayne Jones, Charlie Horhn, Cassandra Welchlin, Bishop Ronnie Crudup, Rev. Jimmy Lee Edwards, Rev. Jesse Horton, Rev. Horace McMillon, Rev. Charles Miller, Kathy Sykes, Father Jerry Tobin and Rev. Gary Adams.


The Alliance was established after Congressman Bennie Thompson called for its formation in a press conference.  Local leaders vocalized support for workers at the press conference, including Congressman Thompson, State NAACP President Derrick Johnson and Dr. Isiac Jackson of the Liberty Baptist Church and President of the General Missionary Baptist State Convention – see video:

It’s not just local leaders. Actor, director and activist Danny Glover joined Nissan workers at an event to stand behind them.

Nissan workers want to have a voice, and now is the time to use your own. Join Mississippi’s leaders in supporting Nissan workers by getting the word out. Use Facebook and Twitter to start the conversation about Do Better Together and the issues workers are facing. Together, we can get a fair union election for the workers at Nissan.