Do Better Together

Nissan has come to the U.S. to take advantage of the excellent labor supply and has hopes of achieving even greater sales. Nissan’s workers are 100 percent behind the ambitious plans of the company, and they want to see Nissan succeed.

Workers believe that by working with Nissan, both Nissan and workers can do better. Together, they will make better products. Together, they will compete in the global economy. Together, they will help make Canton, Jackson and all of Mississippi stronger.

That success has to come on a strong foundation of justice – fair and reasonable practices when it comes to the treatment of workers who create quality products and deliver profits to Nissan. That’s why workers are asking Nissan to Do Better Together. And the community is standing with them.  Community leaders, including Congressman Bennie Thompson, Mississippi State NAACP President Derrick Johnson and Bishop Ronnie Crudup, senior pastor of New Horizon Church International in Jackson, Miss. have voiced their support for Nissan workers who want a voice in the workplace.

“We stand in solidarity with Nissan workers,” said Derrick Johnson. “Workers have a right to choose representation.”

Do Better Together

In order for Nissan to earn the loyalty of customers and the investment of millions of tax dollars to attract its plants in the U.S., it’s only right that the company’s management be fair and reasonable in its treatment of its employees. By collaborating, both workers and Nissan can be successful.

Do Better Together is about trust and openness. Workers want a voice to ensure fairness in the workplace. With that voice, workers can be true partners with their employers, offering solutions that help create quality products at the best value for consumers.

To do better together, workers need to be able to decide freely whether to have a union represent their interests. They need to be able to make an informed decision free from intimidation and threats. They must have the opportunity to hear both sides, and decide what is best for them and the company. Read more about why Nissan workers are considering a union.