An open letter to Nissan Plant Manager Steve Marsh from Technician Jeff Moore

June 1, 2016

Mr. Steve Marsh
Plant Manager
Nissan, Canton

Dear Mr. Marsh:

It was our understanding that you were a good plant manager in France and the UK where Renault and Nissan workers have a union; so how can you come to Mississippi in the United States of America and promote such an anti-union policy and even threaten us here?

Jeff Moore

Nissan Technician Jeff Moore

Why can’t I and my fellow Nissan technicians even consider a union in an atmosphere free of fear and intimidation? Recently you sent an anti-union mailing under the name of Mr. Gibb and in early March you showed a video threatening us about signing union cards. We weren’t aware before you came to our plant that threatening workers in Canton is part of the Renault Nissan Alliance or as you now call it “The Alliance Production Way.”

It is clear that you are trying to put fear in my coworkers and create a hostile climate for the Nissan Workers Organizing Committee both in and outside of the plant.

In your anti-union letter you mentioned “the truth — not trickery and false impressions.” There is no more truthful way to define Nissan’s anti-union campaign than the term “trickery.” You want to trick us here in Mississippi into believing that UNLIKE EVERY OTHER NISSAN OR RENAULT WORKER IN THE WORLD, we alone are not deserving of a voice and union representation.

Mr. Marsh, I am for a union because I want a voice to make Nissan better for our workers, our community and those who come to work here in the future.

You are trying to trick us into being so fearful of losing our jobs and fearful of the UAW – an organization that is helping us – that we will sacrifice our dignity and self-respect.

Shame on you.

Mr. Marsh, what are you afraid of? You should have some faith in Nissan technicians and agree to a fair election.


Jeff Moore
Nissan Technician, Canton, Mississippi
On behalf of the Nissan Workers Organizing Committee

Carlos Ghosn
Christian Hutin, French National Assembly
Bruno Le Roux, French National Assembly