A trip to Nissan Australia causes Mississippi Nissan worker to ask: Why does Nissan treat us as second class citizens?

jeffrey_moore_350My name is Jeff Moore. I have worked at Nissan for 10 years, and I’m proud to make Nissan cars. I have a wife, a daughter and good friends in Canton, Mississippi.

Canton, Mississippi, is a LONG way from Australia, but I had the great opportunity to travel to Australia where I visited Nissan operations. I was able to sit with Nissan workers and management in the canteen and compare experiences in our two countries.

The biggest thing that struck me was the cooperation between Nissan management and the Australian metal workers union (the AMWU). They get along really well and share pride in their collaboration to make the best possible products.  Managers were totally respectful of the union, and it was mutual.

The Australians were amazed when I told them about Nissan’s behavior and attitudes towards its Mississippi workforce. I explained that when workers in Mississippi decided we wanted to exercise our right to have a union, the company came down on us really hard. Managers began interrogating employees about their feelings about the union. We had to watch non-stop videos bashing the UAW and unions in general. It wears you down and makes people afraid. It’s clear that this company is fiercely against us having a union.

We just want to have a voice on the job like the Australian workers do, so we can talk about things like health and safety, reduced benefits, and the increasing use of temporary workers.

The Australians could not understand why the same company would treat Mississippi workers so differently.   I can’t either!  Just because we live in Mississippi doesn’t mean we are not equal in our right to have a voice.  We deserve the same dignity as all of Nissan’s other workers.

I and my co-workers are pro-union and pro-Nissan. We want the chance to be full partners in the Nissan global family, like all the other countries where Nissan works with unions.

Please support us, and ask Nissan to DO BETTER, and respect our right to a free choice about a union.